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Halloween is almost here, are you “party-ready”?  No, you say, well you’re in luck!  I’ve put together some of the best entertaining essentials right here at your fingertips and the best part is you can re-use almost all of it long after the holiday is gone!  

halloween essentials

First up Lanterns!  I feel like they are always a good idea!  They give off a kind of spooky glowy lighting to really set the mood for Halloween.  The ones I’ve picked out are a classic style that could be used year-round either indoors or on your porch.  I keep several around my house and they always come in handy for events.

When it comes to table settings or food display areas, I always like to have a combination of high and low serving pieces to create dimension and height.  I picked this marble pedestal because as you know marble is so in right now, but it’s also classic and I like the way the gray streaking almost looks like spider webs.  The black organic serving dishes are perfect for your low serving piece.  This may look familiar to you if you’ve been following along with the blog.  I use this for quite a few of the photos you see and I can truly say that it is a nice sturdy piece and you’re going to love it or at least I do anyway!

Instead of doing the same old orange, black, and white every year I decided to glam it up a bit and add hints of orangey copper in with just a twinge of silver detailing.  Copper is such a popular item but it can be a little overwhelming to do everything in copper.  That’s why I only chose to use it for the flatware, wine glasses, and the punch bowl.  The spider web plates have a little bit of copper detailing but the majority of it is black so it breaks it up a bit.

For festiveness, I thought that the paper straws and bat confetti would be the perfect addition to the soiree without being too in your face.  Don’t get me, wrong guys, I love Halloween.  In fact, I start looking forward to it in January but having everything with Halloween patterns on it can really overwhelm a space and your guests.  Keep it simple, start with solid colors or natural finishes then add in little by little.  If it starts to get cluttered take a step back and remove some items to find the right balance.  Oh and I almost forgot, how cool are these marbled linen napkins?  I’ve never seen anything like these before but I really like them!  I think this was probably my favorite part of this post and they are currently in my shopping cart! All heart eyes!!!

I’ve listed all of my special finds for your convenience below.


I hope you enjoyed this post and as always thanks for reading!  Do you have any big party plans this Halloween?  I’d love to hear all about it!  Please feel free to post in the comments below.

Looking for a sweet treat to make for your gathering?  The Chocolate Candy Skulls pictured above are perfect for the occasion.  You can find the recipe and how-to here.  Happy Haunting!

Cheers- Ashley Nicole

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