Since the weather is warming up, I thought I might post some cozy pajama sets that I’ve had my eye on for the spring.  There is nothing like slow living and lounging in your p.j.s til noon.  Add a late casual breakfast with your Hunny and you’ve got yourself a pretty good start to your day.

If there is anything that adulthood has taught me is that it’s important to slow down and relax when necessary.  It gives us a chance to appreciate the things around us more and catch up on the things that make us happy like reading a book, looking at a magazine, watching a good home or cooking show, or checking out the latest pins on Pinterest.  I believe this allows us to expand our minds, welcome inspiration, and maybe even learn something new.  I also believe that by doing these things we are able to relax and reset for the next work day.  Unfortunately, my off days are rarely on the weekends so I try to do these things when I can to make myself not feel like I’m constantly spinning my wheels.  I realize that sometimes errands and other priorities take precedence even if you are off that day, but by remembering to take a break and do something you enjoy can make all the world of a difference in your mood and overall well-being.  

If you’re like me, you’ve probably been harboring old comfy t-shirts and p.j. sets for quite some time and are in desperate need of an upgrade.  I opened my pajama drawer today as I am slowly purging and re-organizing our home for spring and let’s be honest it’s been looking quite sad for some time now.  So I thought why not treat myself to something that not only provides comfort but also happiness for those loungey days and when I go on our next getaway or girls trip, I won’t have to feel embarrassed that I’m basically wearing rags to bed, lol.  I’ve listed my pajama picks for your convenience below.


| 1. Joni Short Pajamas |  2. Striped Sleep Shirt | 3. Short | 4. Striped Tank Pajama Set |

| 5. Pajama Night Shirt | 6. Pajama Pant Set | 7. Jersey Robe |

I hope you liked my p.j. selections, they’re both cozy and lightweight for spring.  I can’t wait to start fresh with these new sets!  Do you have a favorite pajama brand?  Please feel free to place them in the comments below!

Cheers- Ashley Nicole











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