Happy Saturday Everyone! I put together the quickest little tutorial for those of you looking for a weekend crafting project or a last minute Mother’s Day gift. This DIY framed greenery is super easy, literally takes seconds and it’s a great accessory to your shelves, walls, counters, and desks.

I recently re-arranged our bathroom shelving because they were starting to feel a little cluttered so I added some accessories that were clean and crisp to give it the look I was going for.

Some of the items I added were rolled hand towels, a vintage medicine bottle with crystals, some jars with cotton balls, an agate slice, and a few small dishes for jewelry. The biggest thing I added was a plant which really gave off that fresh airy feeling. As I was arranging, I felt like it was missing a subtle touch of green to go with the plant. It was at that very moment when I remembered the brass window frame that had been sitting in my craft room waiting for the perfect place.

I also remembered that we had some wild ferns popping up in the backyard when I was doing some work in the flower beds, so I went out back and took a few clippings to frame for that little pop of green.

DIY Pressed Flower Frame

It was so easy to arrange and press them between the glass and the end result was very rewarding. If you don’t have wild ferns handy, take a few snips from a potted plant, or add a few wildflowers. The botanical possibilities are endless!

In order to achieve this look, here is what you’ll need:

  • A brass floating frame
  • Some fern clippings

Arrange the clippings how you like and close the frame. That’s literally it! Super easy and you don’t have to spend hours or be super crafty.


I hope you found this article helpful. If you have made this, feel free to share your versions with me in the comments below!

Cheers- Ashley Nicole

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