About this time each year, I start getting antsy over all the new fall stuff right down to the nail polish!  I think fall and winter are when I keep my nails polished most because I love the colors!  During the summer I’m usually really busy and don’t have time to go to a nail salon plus I’m pretty boring when it comes to color and usually only pick white, neutral tans, and sometimes light pinks.  I guess you could say I’m not a “Cajun Shrimp” kinda gal… but it’s ok to each her own right?!

Ok, so I’m happy to put my two cents into this nail polish haul listing my current and past favorite fall colors I like to use and I would love to hear yours in the comments below!  I’m also talking a little about nail care like how to repair and strengthen your nails, and the best cuticle care I’ve found on the market but first things first!  I’ve categorized them by color and they are all OPI brand (This is not a sponsored post, I just really like the colors they have come out with over the years).  I’ve linked them by name below for your convenience.





All of these will be on rotation in the next few months!!!!! *Here’s a quick tip- when it comes to painting my fingernails and my toenails I will sometimes do a variation like a light grey on my hands and dark grey on my feet.  I often do this for pinks and taupes too!

Next up, how to strengthen your nails!  I used to do gel and the dip powder but found it hard to keep up with and it always ruined my nails when I got tired of it.  I swore them off the last time I did it because my nails were so thin and flaky and also I must have damaged my middle finger somehow because it kept splitting right in the middle of my nail.  I was determined to get them back so I asked my aunt who is a retired nurse what I should do about it and she gave me the best advice!  She said to use Sally Hansen’s “Hard as Nails” clear polish.  I picked some up and started using it right away and it worked!  With a little patience and diligence, I was finally able to build my nail beds back up.  

Some of you may be wondering why I asked my aunt (the retired nurse) what to do about this.  Nurse’s can’t even wear nail polish…  Well, here is something personal about me.  My Aunt Sandy is my godmother and she is full of knowledge!  Anytime I need to ask a health question, I go to her!  Also, when she had breast cancer and beat it, she lost her hair and nails from the treatments.  It was awful, so you can only imagine that when they finally started to grow back they were extremely thin and probably painful.  I’m so thankful for her and her advice, she is truly an amazing woman!

Ok, that’s enough of that, now onto the cuticle care.  Let me just say that I have extremely dry hands.  I have a bit of OCD and tend to wash my hands several times a day.  Due to this, my cuticles get hard and it makes me want to pick at them which only makes it worse.  While I use hand cream, I’ve found a vitamin-E infused oil that is amazing and it’s by NCLA, you can find it here.  The first time I applied it overnight and the next day my cuticles were in way better shape.  Try it out, your cuticles will thank me!


I hope you enjoyed this post and like I said earlier, please feel free to share your favorite fall nail colors in the comments below!

Cheers-  Ashley Nicole




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