my guest room office makeover

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When I first thought of making over this space, I wanted to make sure that it was both inviting to guests as well as a fully functional workspace for me when we no longer had company.  

Sounds like I’m asking a lot out of a small space am I right? Well, that’s exactly why I wanted to write this to prove that it can be done!

The concept is actually pretty simple, you just need to get into the right mindset by adding a few staple pieces that serve both parties. 

alternative closet space for guests


For example, the closet space in this room is completely full of my crafts and supplies which means no hanging space for our guests.  Instead of making guests shove their clothes in the closet next to dried flowers and glue guns, I found a small closet organizer that they can hang their clothing items on should they need to.  This piece is multi-functional because I can also use it to steam, organize, and/or prep clothing for away trips and upcoming posts.

office makeover


Another staple piece I chose for this space was a small writing desk.  This will hold my desktop computer and also offer a place to read, write, or simply use our computer if need be for our guests. 

It’s much better to have a small desk space that is tucked into a corner rather than a giant desk with filing cabinets and drawers taking up the majority of the room.   I don’t know about you, but a large desk like that would definitely make me feel like I’m “sleeping in the office.”


This next piece of advice when it comes to incorporating these staple pieces is just this.  It’s all about the details… 

For example: Place some empty hangers on the rack of the closet organizer and perhaps a long mirror to encourage your guests to “make themselves at home” if you will.

When it comes to the desk area, keep it tidy! Neatly tuck away any papers, binders, and traces of business matter.  Decorate your shelving and desk space with a variety of calming attributes like plants, inspirational books, artwork/picture frames, and vessels that will hide office supplies from one’s eye.  

Belly baskets make great storage containers for plants or extra blankets and towels for your guests without compromising the ambiance of the room.

The key here is to remember that the last thing one wants to be reminded of is work while visiting away from home.  This will also act in your favor when it comes time to go back to the grind by creating a sense of peace knowing everything has a place, diminishing that overwhelming feeling of tasks to be tackled at first glance.

I hope this helps you to better understand my thought process when it comes to a shared space such as this and I encourage you to do the same by making every space feel like home. If you would like to find out more about the inspiration behind this makeover head over to this post here.

Please feel free to leave a comment if you have any good tips you would like to weigh in on when it comes to shared spaces below. We love hearing from you and as always thanks for reading!

Cheers-  Ashley Nicole

A special thank you to Wayfair for helping make this shared space a dream come true.

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  1. Mandu wrote:

    Where did you get your floating shelves above the writing desk from?

    Posted 1.1.20 Reply
    • I actually bought the shelves and the brackets separately. The wood came from Home Depot and the brackets came from Amazon.

      Posted 1.25.20 Reply