This year, I’m trying to make a more conscious effort to be less wasteful. I’ve recently traded in the plastic shopping bags you get at the grocery store for reusable totes, in fact, I’m cutting back on my use of plastic altogether if I can help it. I realize that sometimes this isn’t always feasible, but I thought I’d share a few swaps you can make for an eco-friendly lifestyle that will save you money in the long run. So without further adieu, here are my tips on easy low waste + zero waste changes you can make if you’re looking to “Go Green” in 2019.

eco-friendly swaps


Unfortunately, my county doesn’t provide recycling as the norm for our area. So in efforts to be less wasteful in this way, I’ve started using more products that will easily break down instead of sitting in a landfill for years. This will include using more plant-based products like cloth napkins and coconut scrubber sponges



Instead of using plastic cups from take-out restaurants, I try to bring my own cups. I also, try to order product re-fills so that I can add them to glass containers. Even though lots of product re-fills come in plastic, one container is better than 5. I do this for our handsoaps and cleaning products and contain them in glass spray bottles and dispensers. One of my favorite places to shop for products like this can be found at Grove Collaborative. They offer a wide variety of discounted eco-friendly products delivered straight to your door.  You can also get a free gift set with your first order by signing up here.  Some of my personal favorite brands they carry are Mrs. Meyer’s and Caldrea.

fall layers for less


When I look at my wardrobe and I feel like I need an update, I will either donate my older clothing or sell it. There are tons of different platforms that allow you to resell your clothing which is kind of a bonus to cleaning out your closet because your getting paid to get rid of things.  Some of my favorite places to sell and shop for items will include Poshmark (USE CODE: cottagebound for a free $5 credit) and eBay.  

Have you heard of the saying “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure”? It’s all for the love of thrifting! After I’ve donated items, I like to pop in the store to scope out the goods that others have donated. You just never know what you might find a first edition book, a cool rattan chair, or some amazing old records. It’s like being on a treasure hunt EVERYTIME! I also like to find things that I could possibly craft into something else hence the re-purpose bit. I’ve listed some thrifted Etsy finds to get you in the mindset below.


I hope this sets your mind at ease knowing that going green can not only save you money in the long run, but it can also be just as much fun as it is rewarding! With that being said, I think it’s high time we change what the color green has been known for (envy) and replace it with something a little more positive like effort!

Cheers- Ashley Nicole

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