Today is the official start of the One Room Challenge for spring 2020, and I am so stoked to be a guest participant among this aspiring community.

What is the One Room Challenge?

In case you were wondering what the One Room Challenge is, let me fill you in.

The One Room Challenge a.k.a. the ORC is a biannual event that takes place each year in the spring and fall featuring select design influencers to take on the challenge of re-designing a new space. Each week, the designers will be documenting their journey while also including their resources and personal design advice during the course of the event.

The official mission statement of the One Room Challenge is to “provide participants with a supportive, enthusiastic forum in which to share the process of transforming a room. The ORC is not a competition, but rather a celebration of creativity, inspiration, and original ideas.”

In addition to this, the One Room Challenge has invited other guest bloggers and design influencers to join in on the excitement by linking their own room re-models for “interior design inspiration, ideas, and encouragement” during the occurrence of the event.

Why did you join the ORC?

Now, I know that a lot of you are probably asking yourselves why on Earth did she decide to take on this challenge during a global pandemic and I honestly wish I had a simple answer for you, but I don’t.

Here’s the truth. During the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, I was overwhelmed by what felt like a thick fog. At first, I thought to myself, I will be able to get so much done with all this extra quarantine time on my hands, but for some reason, I just could not get motivated. As time went on, I began to start noticing how much I had been taking my life for granted and then it hit me, I was living a life without purpose. I had been pushing my dreams aside in order to fulfill someone else’s for longer than I can remember and it was time for a change!

I knew I needed to get out of this funk and fast, so I started going back and reading through old magazines I had saved for inspiration when I stumbled upon the One Room Challenge.

I remembered reading about it in the past thinking this is such a cool concept and at that moment, I knew. This was my chance for a fresh start not only for me but for all of our half-finished projects we had neglected to complete over the years.

I quickly went to their website thinking I would have to sign up for the fall challenge because the spring had already started when I received yet another sign.

Low and behold they had postponed the spring challenge and were accepting guest participants. It was all so overwhelming, but I knew that I was being pushed to take the plunge!

So yeah, definitely not a simple answer but…. hey I’m here and I’m hoping that this little background story inspires the interior designer in you to pick up a paintbrush and just go for it!

Which room did you choose?

The room we chose for this challenge is our living space which is also the first room you see when entering our home due to our open floor plan.  We have been working on this space for a few years now but after multiple setbacks and changes in life + style, we have yet to complete the space.  Here are a few photos of our living room so you can get the idea of the space we are working with.

Inspiration and Mood Board

The idea behind this update came to me when the beaches closed and travel was no longer an option due to COVID-19.

I felt a need to bring what I longed for into my home.  Kind of like a tranquil staycation villa.  Exhibiting a very much needed vibe of relaxation and rest during this time of quarantine.  Something I think we can all relate to at this point.

What’s the Plan?

In the first stages, we will be doing some painting and hunting for items that are within our budget and obtainable due to the current shutdown. Wish us luck and stay tuned every Thursday for the next few weeks as I share and uncover more of our One Room Challenge makeover series.

Cheers- Ashley Nicole

P.S. If you are looking for more information on the One Room Challenge or would like to register for the next challenge, head to OneRoomChallenge.com and be sure to follow along with my fellow participants at OneRoomChallenge.com/orc-blog

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