cooking essentials for thanksgiving


Hi guys!  Are you getting excited about Thanksgiving and all the yummy food to go with it? I know I am! Sometimes over the holidays, we get caught up in well, life in general and we tend to forget about the little things like picking up that new measuring cup cause you broke the old one last week…  So I’ve put together a reminder list of the top 12 cooking essentials to make your life easier for Thanksgiving and the holidays.

  1. Rolling Pin– If you plan on making pies or any type of pastry, you’ve gotta have a good rolling pin.
  2. Pie Dish- These are a necessity when it comes to baking pies but consider getting a pretty one so you can serve it up as is think done and one.
  3. Liquid Measuring Cup– A must when it comes to baking, cooking, cocktails, everything, and no it’s not the same as the dry measuring cups so don’t even try it.
  4. Baking Sheet– These are probably the best investment I’ve made when I started cooking.  You can use them for roasting your turkey, veggies, or for baking cookies and if you use a little non-stick foil you have less clean-up!
  5. Carving Set– Have you ever tried to carve a turkey?  Um yeah, you need a legit knife and some serious confidence. 
  6. Kitchen Shears– These are great for cutting meats, herbs, etc. and you don’t want to use your junk drawer scissors that are covered in glue and who knows what else for this.
  7. Meat Thermometer– You totally need this in your life if you’re cooking a turkey!  Just channel in that scene when Clark cuts into the turkey in “Christmas Vacation” I guarantee that chick didn’t have a thermometer… Don’t be that girl or guy!
  8. Dry Measuring Set– So these are pretty important especially when it comes to ingredients that call for sage or salt.  A Tablespoon vs. a teaspoon can be a big difference!  
  9. Casserole Dish– A must for Thanksgiving!!!! I don’t know what kind of casserole you like but there are many I can name at my table i.e. sweet potato, broccoli, green bean, squash, and the list goes on and on. ( I have a very large family)
  10. Baker’s Twine– Great for the turkey or unruly guests, ha!
  11. Spatulas– Do you remember scraping the bowl and licking the spoon when your Mom made dessert?  Well, these  guys help scoop up all that goodness!  Plus they make it super easy when transferring something from bowl to pan.
  12. Cooling Racks– Cooling racks are amazing!  They handle cookies and pies like a boss and when put on a baking sheet, they can roast a turkey!  They also make great trivets when hot dishes come out of the oven but you don’t have enough space on the stove.

| 1. Rolling Pin | 2. Pie Dish | 3. Liquid Measuring Cup | 4. Baking Sheet | 5. Carving Set |

 |6. Kitchen Shears | 7. Meat Thermometer | 8. Dry Measuring Set | 9. Casserole Dish | 10. Baker’s Twine |

| 11. Spatulas | 12. Cooling Rack |

What are your go-to cooking essentials for Thanksgiving?  I didn’t list my Kitchenaid Mixer because you can do without it but man that thing is awesome!  

Well as always thanks again for reading and I hope you enjoyed the post!

Cheers- Ashley Nicole


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