Hi friends and happy weekend to ya!  This weekend we will be working so it looks like I won’t be getting much done, however, I do love to browse the internet for inspiration when I get a spare moment here and there.  I thought I’d start sharing some of those moments of inspiration with you here with the 1st Edition of Weekend Reads!  Hope you enjoy!

1| Looking for a weekend project?  Check out this DIY succulent wreath post.  Ours is still doing well and since we live in Florida, the humidity here has been pretty high so I’ve barely had to water it.  I just spritz it with water once a week or so.

2| With warmer weather here, outdoor entertaining has been on my mind!  Have you seen the newest summer collection from Hearth + Hand by with Magnolia?  It’s too cute!  I’m especially in love with this piece.

3| If you follow me on Pinterest, you would know that I’ve been super into the white and natural elements for interior decor such as straw, grass, rattan, and linen.  Check out this article on Pinterest’s top trending home decor for 2018.  I’m hoping to do a little revamping to our home after Luna (our new puppy) gets a little bit older.  Right now we are doing potty training and as you know it accidents still happen…. Also, she is just like any other curious little puppy, constantly getting into everything which makes it hard to keep our living room space looking pretty as most things have been removed from her reach.  If you are getting a new puppy soon or currently have one, be sure to check out this post.

4| Currently coveting all the leather sandals and mule slides from Madewell. Also, the prices are so good! 

5| Have you noticed yellow is totally trending in fashion right now?  I’ve been seeing mustard yellow hues popping up everywhere and I love it!

6| Father’s Day will be here by shortly, here are some great gift ideas that he will actually use!



 What are your plans for the weekend?  Got anything exciting to discuss?  I’d love to hear about it in the comments below!


Cheers- Ashley Nicole

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